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Nasce Sfridoo, la startup...

Sfridoo è la startup dell'economia circolare nata nel 2017, che aiuta le aziende nella transizione verso la Circular Economy. Opera nel settore del waste management, offrendo servizi mirati alle corporate...

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Arte Moda Upcycling: Sostenibilità e Creatività al Circolo della Stampa con Sarah Limone

Arte Moda Upcycling at Circolo della Stampa: Sustainability and Creativity Unite

🌿✨ From the'enterprising synergy between creativityà and sustainability; comes the extraordinary event "Arte Moda Upcycling" at Circolo della Stampa in Avellino! 🌍💫

The M.I.D., together with talented Avellino designer Sarah Limone, is committed to promoting unique garments that revolutionize the concept of sustainable fashion. 🧵🎨

🗓️ When: Friday, January 12, 2023
🕔 Time:From 17:00 to 20:00

Join us at this extraordinary exhibition, where fashion takes a new direction through creative processes such as painting, tie dye and innovative eco printing. Discover how these techniques applied to recycled garments transform the concept of fashion, cutting down on waste and promoting uniqueness in every garment.

🌈 Sustainable Design in Action: Join this celebration of "sustainable design", a project strongly desired and led by Sarah Limone. The young designer from Avellino è the beating heart of this initiative, which aims to engage all citizens in the'important dialogue on sustainable fashion.

👗 Explore, Learn, Participate: We are excited to invite you to be part of this movement toward more conscious fashion. Each garment on display è a testimony of commitment to a sustainable future and uniqueness that goes beyond simply wearing a dress.

🌟 Fashion is not è only an art, but also a commitment to a better future! 🌱💚

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore fashion through a new perspective. See you at the Press Club on January 12! 🌐✨

Filippo Briganti

Filippoon 13/01/2024

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