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Compagnia del Riuso: Inaugurazione di un Luogo di Rigenerazione a Farfengo, Borgo San Giacomo

Compagnia del Riuso: New Life to Things in Farfengo, Borgo San Giacomo

🔄 Compagnia del Riuso: Let's Regenerate the Future in Farfengo, Borgo San Giacomo! 🌿✨

📅 Inauguration: Friday, January 19 at 11:00
📍 Where: Farfengo, Borgo San Giacomo (BS)

"New life to things!" è the mantra that guides the Reuse Company, an'oasis of sustainability and creativity that opens its doors in Farfengo, Borgo San Giacomo. We open this space on Jan. 19 at 11 a.m., an extraordinary initiative of the Padernello Castle ETS Foundation as part of the Generate Community project.

🌱 A Reference Place for the Circular Economy:

The Reuse Company is not è just a space, but a haven for the local community, dedicated to the circular economy and sustainable practices. A structure recovered and transformed into a vibrant place, where every unused object finds a second life.

🔧 Laboratory, Training and Creativity;:

This is not è just a reuse market. The Reuse Company è is also a workshop and training space. Artists, artisans, small businesses and families can participate in counseling, orientation and creative workshops. These include the "Yellow Chair" workshop, an engaging initiative to breathe new life into old wooden chairs, making them colorful and placing them in social places in the Lower Lands of Brescia.

🌍 Generating Communities with Sustainability:

The Compagnia del Riuso è an integral part of the Generare Comunità project, winner of Fondazione Cariplo's Major Emblematic Call for Proposals. An initiative shared with entities and associations, such as Cauto Cooperativa Sociale, Fondazione Cogeme ETS, Associazione Comuni Terre Basse Bresciane and Connessioni Impresa Sociale srl, to promote the collaborative economy and sustainable development in the area.

🤝 Join Us and Regenerate the Future!

Come to Farfengo, Borgo San Giacomo, on Jan. 19 at 11 a.m., and learn how together we can create a sustainable future full of creativity. The Reuse Company is waiting for you to breathe new life into things and the'whole community!"

🌟 The Reuse Company: Where the Past Finds a New Beginning! ♻️💚

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