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Un signore raccoglie bottiglie di...

La ricerca di Tengku Mohamad Ali Mansor per liberare le spiagge malesi dal vetro lavato ha portato a una collezione di migliaia di bottiglie, ora esposte in un colorato museo sul mare a Terengganu. Negli ultimi...

Un signore raccoglie bottiglie di vetro portate dal mare
Riuso e Riciclo Tessile: Sfide Ambientali e Opportunità Sociali

Textile Reuse: Environmental Solutions and Social Opportunities

🌱👕 Textile Reuse and Recycling: A Step Toward Sustainability! ♻️🌍

The recovery and reuse of textiles is a crucial way to address environmental challenges and create social opportunities. Fast fashion has generated an incessant flow of garments, often with short life cycles, and the urgency to act is becoming increasingly evident.

🔍 Cooperative Labor and Solidarity; A Model of Sustainability;

The Lavoro e Solidarietà social cooperative, with its 31 working members who have been active for more than 20 years, offers a tangible example of how textile reuse and recycling can become a concrete reality. Through the placement of bins in the area, citizens have the opportunity to contribute clothing, textiles and clothing accessories, thus starting a virtuous cycle of recovery and reuse.

🌟 From Recovery to Reuse: A Careful and Responsible Process

At Verolengo, the cooperative's operational headquarters, the collected textiles undergo careful manual sorting and general disinfection. High-quality garments are destined for vintage stores, while those that are still reusable find their way mainly abroad. Even the non-reusable part is recycled, demonstrating a complete commitment to sustainability.

📈 New Regulations, New Opportunities;

New European regulations focusing on materials, dyes and sanitization treatments promise to further facilitate the textile recovery process. This è crucial considering that, in Piedmont, an average of 6300 tons of textiles are collected per year, a significant fraction of the entire national collection.

🌐 Fighting Excess, Creating Jobs

The amount of textiles in circulation is massive, but a commitment to recovery, reuse and recycling can mitigate its impact on the environment. In addition to preserving nature, this practice creates jobs along the entire supply chain, from collection to processing.

🌿 Textile Recycling: An Act of Responsibility and Solidarity! 👖💚

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