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Lascia un Libro, Prendi un Libro: Il Book Sharing di Greccio

Leave a Book, Take a Book: Greccio's Book Sharing

📚🌟 Leave a Book, Take a Book: The New Book Sharing of Greccio! 🏞️📖

In the land of the first Nativity scene, Greccio, comes an innovative initiative to promote reading and strengthen community ties: "book sharing". Also known as "Leave a book, take a book", this project initiated by La Cappelletta Social Center transforms the recovery and circulation of books into an opportunity for everyone.

🏠 A Cozy Little House Along the Path of Francis

Immersed along the evocative Saint Francis Walk, the Greccio book share is a short walk from the International Nativity Museum and the ancient Borgo. Inside a cozy little wooden house, books find new life and become tools for sharing, culture and education.

🔄 A Virtuous Cycle of Sharing and Solidarityà

The concept è simple but powerful: everyone can read and access books for free, with the only commitment being to return them after reading. Alternatively, è you can leave another book for other people to enjoy reading. È a virtuous cycle of exchange that recalls the importance of sharing and human solidarity.

🌱 Promote Reading, Respect the Environment

More than just a library, Greccio's book sharing represents a model of sharing and respecting the environment. Books are no longer forgotten or thrown away objects, but valuable resources to be revalued and shared.

📚💖 The Power of Books: A Resource for All! 🌟🌍

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