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Messina, sabato il primo “swap...

Si terrà sabato 9 aprile (S)cambio di stagione, il primo Swap Party messinese. L'evento con ingresso gratuito basato sullo scambio di vestiti e accessori si svolgerà nella piazzetta di Sabir,...

Messina, sabato il primo swap party cittadino
Repair Café: Riparare Oggetti per un Futuro Sostenibile

Repair Café: Repairing Objects for a Sustainable Future

🔧♻️ Repair Café : A Place of Repair and Solidarity Environmental ♻️🔧

In the heart of the culture of waste, the Repair Cafés are born, where repair becomes a revolutionary gesture for a more sustainable future. sustainable. Join the reuse revolution and discover how these places promote the culture of repair and the right to repair!

🛠️ A Cup of Solidarity and a Common Objective
Inside these magical places, the aroma of coffee is mixes with the sound of tools, while volunteers and participants gather to repair the no longer damaged objects together. functioning. The goal? Countering the throwaway culture and promoting repair as an act of solidarity environmental and social.

🤝 Join the Repair Movement
Around the world, more of 3,000 Repair Café come together to promote the culture of reuse and repair. In Italy, around 30 of these magical places offer a refuge for those who wish to repair rather than escape. throw away. From small household appliances to bicycles, from PCs to printers, everything can be done here. be repaired with the help of the community.

🌍 Repair for a brighter future Green
Planned obsolescence and speed of consumption are challenges that the Repair Café face it with determination. Every repaired item is a small victory against waste and a testimony to the power of the community in creating a brighter future green and sustainable for all.

💡 The Repair Revolution is Here!
Join the repair revolution and discover the power of solidarity, knowledge sharing and the right to repair. Together, we can create a world where repair is possible. the norm and sustainability is within everyone's reach!

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