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A 109 anni proteggere i pinguini...

A 109 anni, Alfred Date, per gli amici "Alfie", aveva ragioni più che sufficienti per trascorrere il resto dei suoi giorni vivendo la sua vita più rilassata senza sensi di colpa. Tuttavia,...

A 109 anni proteggere i pinguini dalle fuoriuscite di petrolio
Food for Profit: Sotto la Lente dell'Indagine gli Allevamenti Intensivi

Food for Profit: The Horrors of Intensive Livestock Farms Revealed

A Revolutionary Inquiry into the Politics and Industry of Meat

Released at the European Parliament, the documentary "Food for Profit" casts a stark and gory light on intensive livestock farms and their devastating impact on public health, the environment and European politics.

The Horrors of Intensive Livestock Farms

During a 5-year investigative span, journalists Giulia Innocenzi and Pablo D’Ambrosi exposed the dark secrets behind intensive meat production. The images are staggering: animals confined in cramped spaces, deprived of sunlight and freedom of movement, treated as mere objects.

The Link Between Lobby and Politics

But the documentary goes beyond denouncing factory farms. It also reveals the sinister connection between livestock lobbies and European politicians, highlighting how economic interests take precedence over public health and animal welfare.

The Political Intrigues Exposed

During meetings with MEPs, the documentary shows the outrageous proposals to increase livestock industry profits at the expense of food safety and public health. The cynical and self-interested reactions of politicians recorded with hidden cameras are disconcerting.

The Call to Action

"Food for Profit" è a call to collective consciousness. It calls on citizens to raise their voices, demand transparency and accountability from their political representatives, and make informed choices about the food they consume.

The Struggle for a Sustainable Future

The battle for a healthy, sustainable and fair food system è has just begun. "Food for Profit" shows that è it is possible to change things, but only if we act together.

The'Importance of Awareness

The vision of "Food for Profit" è an essential step toward greater consumer awareness of the origin and production practices of the food we buy. Knowing more enables us to make informed choices and contribute to positive change.

An Appeal to Responsibility;

In addition to informing us, this documentary calls us to action. It urges us to pressure our political leaders to act responsibly and ethically towards food production and animals.

Uniting Forces for Change

Together, we can make a difference. Every voice counts, every action counts. "Food for Profit" reminds us that we are all part of an interconnected ecosystem and that our choices have a lasting impact on the world around us.

The Future è in Our Hands

We are called to build a better future for ourselves, for animals, and for our planet. "Food for Profit" shows us the path, now it's up to us to walk it.

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Filippo Briganti

Filippoon 23/03/2024
Se vi interessa sapere come stanno veramente le cose, vi consiglio vivamente di andarlo a vedere. #foodforprofit

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