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Recircle Awards 2022: new awards...

Valebridge Media Services (VMS), a media agency based in Crewe (UK) and Madrid (Spain), unveils a captivating new design for the trophies delivered as part of the Recircle Awards 2022, the prize event dedicated to...

Recircle Awards 2022, new awards design unveiled
VERITA' SVELATE Tel: 0823-971357
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VERITA' SVELATE Tel: 0823-971357

Life sometimes holds for us angular and suffering paths, and it becomes difficult to find our way back to serenity. If you, too, are going through the tunnel of suffering, if serenity seems to be only a chimera for you, call me without delay at the landline phone number: 0823-971357 or cell: 327/7974843 every day from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. .By listening to your voice I will be able to understand what is tormenting you and I will reveal the way forward so that the flame of love and happiness can burn again. I will be able to reveal secrets to you and eradicate your doubts with extreme clarity and truth. G. Di Lorenzo-Angelika-Azzurrina, Clairvoyant-Medium-Esorcist gifted with innate extrasensory faculties. Entrust yourself to one who can see into the dark meanderings of the human soul and mind . Listening to your voice I will be able to reveal to you events that have determined your life, past-present and predict with extreme professionalism events of the future, expertly advising for the achievement of set goals and coveted serenity. View your future and happiness with the mind and paranormal faculties of One who can span life and the earthly world and life and the ethereal world- Ultra-terrestrial Entities. Occultist-Esotericist- Clairvoyant -Esorcist, I permanently eradicate brought evils with satanic rituals- macumba and Brazilian santeria and voodoo rites. I perform Angelic protections to the person and families and couples, valid for life. Divination and Wiccan Ritualistic for reunions of couples in crisis or separation, real infallible results.
Esoteric Studio, Oracle of Truths Unveiled tel: 0823-971357; cell.l 327/7974843.

Available from next November 2016 NNG : 899.166.301 and 899.166.302 maximum call cost Euro 12, 30

0, 30 cents. per minute + vat from landline and 0, 70/2 cents. per minute. + vat from mobile network, changeable according to phone provider

Also from November 07 also available credit card convenience service, call urban telephone tel: 095/ 9516048 you can buy minutes at only 0, 50 cents. including vat.


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