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Planet or Plastic? A Bologna la...

Un momento di riflessione e approfondimento si apre con la preziosa mostra “Planet or Plastic?” presentata a Bologna nel complesso museale di Santa Maria della Vita e concepita all’interno del progetto omonimo...

Planet or Plastic
  • AKAI stereo barter 1
  • AKAI stereo barter 2


AKAI stereo barter

Full stereo barter, radio, 3 cd loader, cassette tapes and dolby surround from the AKAI of 98. (due to relocation) the stereo also works as an amplifier for external sources such as iPods or other mp3 players.  only small inconvenience, in some cases the loader does not recognize the CD and jumps to the next one.  I accept any barter proposal, food supplies (I'm vegan), books, clothing, etc.  commensurate with the AKAI stereo.

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