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4s iPhone 32gb - 150£,wholesale price.
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4s iPhone 32gb - 150£, wholesale price.

We have the best price in the market for 4s iPhone 32gb - 150£(150GBP) wholesale price .Minimum order 3 units which is the sum of £450(450GBP) including delivery charges .They come in original box with all accessories . We are committed to provide each and every customer with the highest standard of customer service .All iphone sold by our company carries 1 year apple manufacture warranty .These are original apple iphone .They can be use with any SIM card .We also have Apple iphone 4g 32gb, £130(130GBP) wholesale price.Minimum order 3 units which is the sum of £390(390GBP). For ipad 2, wholesale price is 140£(140GBP), minimum order 3 units which is the sum of £420(420GBP).

We also have other products like: blackberry, sony ericsson and more.

Larger orders from 10units and above attracts a better price.

For more enquires for any product you are interested, contact us with the below contact details if interested with your order and shipping address.

Name & Registered Office:
N1 8JQ
Company No. 06170046
United Kingdom
Email: [email protected] *****

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